Sunday, August 22, 2010

Paint the town...RED!

1.Dree Hemingway | Harpers Bazaar Sept2010
2.Giorgio Armani | F/W 2010-11 Ad
3.MaryKate Olsen | Marie Claire Sept2010
4.Fashion Blogger| Raez

As you all will soon learn if you haven't already, is that I could care less for trends. I'd rather make my own/discover something new the "cult" isn't currently following religiously. Most recently, I've been in love with the color red in a structural/ flowerish-type form. OoH! How I can't help but to like all of the pieces featured above; but when it comes to the overall styling, Raez tops the cake! Her look has more character than the others...It's simple, yet not overly styled (ie MaryKate) or too plain (ie Dree,Armani). I'm still on the hunt for my own piece of "structured red" but in the meantime, I'll leave this post feeling a little "inspired" to create something one of a kind & totally Z.


  1. dree is incredible.


  2. red is such a strong and beautiful color. and i agree, making your own trend or discovering one is much more awesome than following what everyone else is doing.


  3. amazing pics.
    lovely blog

  4. Nothing beats a deep rich red! Love dree's look!

  5. I hardly ever wear red but I'd love some red boots like MK's!

    xx Cristina

  6. Wow that first image is epic, so inspiring!