Tuesday, August 24, 2010

images via tumbler

Currently having some sort of bloggers block (my version of writers block) LoL. I'm not going to just post anything for the hell of it...so bare with me as I get my ish together...quality over quantity here...

Things that bother me:
x. Image quality...(what I wore) I neeed a SLR BADDD! Thinking of throwing the outfit posts on the back burner until I could showcase them properly.
x. Drive by posting...I will not tolerate the "nice blog", "cute outfit", now visit my blog @ www.____.blogspot.com. I take the time to post meaningful, short but sweet comments on others pages, I'd appreciate the same respect.

On a brighter note...
Those who have been rocking with the best, knew firsthand that 2/3 of Z.Looks landed on the Most Viewed List (2weeks straight...&counting) on Ny Mags The Cut Blog. If you haven't got a chance, you can view them here & here. I'll be posting look #2 images very soon...

In the meantime...
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  1. yea i know what you mean... i feel like im suffering from that too!!! come back soon though!
    xx. alyssa


  2. wow beautiful pictures.

    I vote yes for an SLR. they're life changing!

    xx raez