Friday, October 19, 2012

Still Gettin iT!

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fallen Angel...

 Aaliyah | 2000 MTV VMA | Roberta Cavalli gown

August 25, 2001, one of my fave artists Aaliyah passed away. I always admired her style, humble nature, and envied that hair!! She carried herself with class & almost never would you hear a negative word uttered about her. Aaliyah was a triple threat (singer, actress, dancer) on the rise to greatness! Forever shall her spirit live on....Baby Girl you are One in a Million!!!

My fave song:

J.A. Slays....

 Jessica Alba | Machete Premiere

LoL...Finally back from my bloggers block! As requested, I'll start posting some celeb style looks I love. If I was a Rich B*tch I'd be wearing Balmain and Louboutins on the reg (eff this vintage sh*t...i kid!). However, I am not (as of yet) so I'll keep scouring the net looking for replicas! Excuse me while I gag...bc Jessica Alba is killllllin IT!!!! Wurk Bish.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

images via tumbler

Currently having some sort of bloggers block (my version of writers block) LoL. I'm not going to just post anything for the hell of bare with me as I get my ish together...quality over quantity here...

Things that bother me:
x. Image quality...(what I wore) I neeed a SLR BADDD! Thinking of throwing the outfit posts on the back burner until I could showcase them properly.
x. Drive by posting...I will not tolerate the "nice blog", "cute outfit", now visit my blog @ I take the time to post meaningful, short but sweet comments on others pages, I'd appreciate the same respect.

On a brighter note...
Those who have been rocking with the best, knew firsthand that 2/3 of Z.Looks landed on the Most Viewed List (2weeks straight...&counting) on Ny Mags The Cut Blog. If you haven't got a chance, you can view them here & here. I'll be posting look #2 images very soon...

In the meantime...
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Paint the town...RED!

1.Dree Hemingway | Harpers Bazaar Sept2010
2.Giorgio Armani | F/W 2010-11 Ad
3.MaryKate Olsen | Marie Claire Sept2010
4.Fashion Blogger| Raez

As you all will soon learn if you haven't already, is that I could care less for trends. I'd rather make my own/discover something new the "cult" isn't currently following religiously. Most recently, I've been in love with the color red in a structural/ flowerish-type form. OoH! How I can't help but to like all of the pieces featured above; but when it comes to the overall styling, Raez tops the cake! Her look has more character than the others...It's simple, yet not overly styled (ie MaryKate) or too plain (ie Dree,Armani). I'm still on the hunt for my own piece of "structured red" but in the meantime, I'll leave this post feeling a little "inspired" to create something one of a kind & totally Z.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have really been into simple color palettes lately; blacks, whites, and grays to name a few! As well as garments layered over sheer pieces. When I ran into Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason F/W 2010 Collection on the net I couldn't help but to love the looks showcased. Above are 5 of my faves that I would personally wear.

Their designs draw from an artistic stance, with additive influences from nature and technology. Always prominent in their collections are men’s tailoring and ethnic textile design. What I like the most is the architecture of the garments, they're soft yet structural. In the lab, Ostwald holds down the color and print side of things while Helgason takes care of the silhouettes. Together they create *perfection* which has been featured in Vogue, Elle, and worn on fashion mavens like Rihanna and Daphne Guinness.

You can check out their full bio here as well as the entire collection. How do you feel about the pieces?

Fashion RoadkiLL

Finally, here are the looks to accompany the preview I showed you guys on Twitter the other day...

Shades. H&M
Bag. Vintage (thanx gramz)
Pants Shoes. ZARA
Top. Super Old
Accessories. F21
Earrings. Thrifted
...I <3 wrapped hair!

Excuse the grainy pics...for some reason I keep flocking my lil fashionable self out at night, I guess you could call me a vampire! *heehee* Well hopefully I'll have a beautiful new Nikon for Xmas or sooner if I take the splurge myself...Thanks for baring with me. Hope you like this look as much as I had fun shooting it..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair


Dree Hemingway rocks it out in the latest issue of Vogue Nippon...I love the combination of bold color, shimmering skin, and her long luxurious braided hair. The insane makeup and picture perfect tresses can be credited to Eugene Souleiman. Nathaniel Goldberg shot the amazing pics. I wish I could find someone to add a few extensions and braid my hair exactly like that...Dree pulls off these extreme looks effortlessly.

Perfect your Stroke...

Known to create some of the most beautiful nails on the runway, Sophy Robson shows you how to get one meannn CHANEL mani!

Personally, I have a bad habit of biting my nails,(I suck at painting them also). To help kick that sh*t to the curb, im going to start getting my mani professionally done. I'm def not ruining $10.00 painted nails...

If you're not as bad as me, &have a lil time on your hands; Giving this video a try is well worth it! ; )

UPDATE: I've been practicing painting my own nails, & I must say i'm getting much better! Its all in the stroke babyyyy! ; )

Sunday, August 15, 2010


....Mid-next week posts will resume : )
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Friday, August 13, 2010



+Shades.Aldo (seen here first)
Old cut up Zara tee (diy)....
layered on top of cut up black stocking (diy...worn here aswell)
VS Bra....Very Sexy 1 of my fave collections
Skinnies are old...I refuse to part with them ; /
Shoes Zara...4rom last yr, never wore. I buy things and will wait 4ev to wear them bc too many ppl are rockin the same item at the same time. I refuse to be apart of a uniform.ish type crowd! Also, many times I don't have the perfect "match" for the I'll just wait to debut when everything is seamless! ; )

Wednesday, August 11, 2010



+images via Google

Christine Centenera
Age | Unknown (mid 20's?!)
From | ?!
Occupation | Fashion Editor @ Harper's Bazaar Australia/ Freelance Stylist
Spotted | @Various Fashion weeks
Style Notes | heather grey anything... dressed up!
blazers w/ broad shoulders
color pallette- neutrals with an occasional splash of color from time2time
draped scarves
minimal makeup (black liner)
statement skirts
Sky high heels (booties preferably, ankle length)
not afraid to be photographed in same piece more than once (each time worn is a new unique take)
big outerwear
minimal-no accesseories
Carry a clutch or nothin at all : )

I chose to highlight Christine's looks because of her outstanding minimalistic style....I love the fact that she can make dressing solely in neutrals look fashionable. Not only are her looks somewhat simple, she dresses comfortably too!! What I adore most about her is that she is a repeat offender! LoL. She manages to wear the same heels and blazers & make them work effortlessly w. other key items in her wardrobe. Hopefully today you leave a lil inspired to try one of her looks. xo


I luvvvvvv the styling of this video....why haven't I seen this???! yet.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Got Trees?!

Jeff Nishinaka "The Paper Genius"

Jolis Paons Paper Dress out of phone book paper

+images via google

I was instantaneously inspired by these two works of art...its amazing what you can do with paper!!! ANYTHING is possible peeps....all you have to do is have a vision!    : )

iNNa St.

+Shades- Vintage
Accessories &Bag- Thrifted
Tank- Vintage
Leggings- Jessica Simpson
Scarf worn as headband
Necklace worn as chainbelt

Note: I' ve been hiding behind my shades lately bcuz I need to go get my eyebrows done...their atrocious!!!! ; /